Backyard Habitat Program
Interested in creating more urban habitat for birds, pollinators, and wildlife? Receive support, discounts on plants, and more by enrolling in the Backyard Habitat Program, managed by the Columbia Land Trust and the Audubon Society of Portland.

Metro Pesticide-free Pledge
Learn organic and low-impact methods for managing your landscape, while helping to keep our environment safe for people, pets, wildlife, and our waterways. Receive a free yard sign when you pledge to reduce or eliminate the use of "weed and feed" and other harmful pesticides in your yard.

Xerces Society Pollinator Protection Pledge
Take your appreciation for pollinators to the next level by pledging to create and maintain quality habitat for bees and other beneficial pollinating animals in your garden.

Pink flower with yellow center from a Hellebore plant.
Green new growth of a Sedum plant emerging from the ground..

Bright green leaves from a flowering currant plant.
Chrysanthemum flower with thin, slightly curled pink and yellow petals.
Bird's nest with four small, brown eggs.

Events & classes

The Portland Metro area has a variety of free and low-cost opportunities to learn more about gardening, our local soil and water systems, native birds and pollinators, and much more. Follow the links below to get involved!

Audubon Society of Portland
Join the Audubon Society and learn all you can about our native birds and the vital habitat that supports them.

East Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District
EMSWCD hosts several free community workshops on topics like rain gardens, naturescaping, beneficial insects, and more.

Friends of Tryon Creek
Tryon Creek Park, which is located in SW Portland, is a beautiful natural area and a great location for kid-friendly nature hikes, story time, and more.

Home Orchard Society
Serving fruit growers of all levels, HOS hosts an educational demonstration orchard in Oregon City and offers hands-on workshops, garden tours, and more.

Metro, a regional agency serving Clackamas, Multnomah, and Washington counties, offers field trips, workshops, educational volunteer opportunities, and more. Use their interactive park finder to explore natural areas near you or browse their online resources for creating a healthier yard and garden.



Seasonal plant sales

Audubon Society Native Plant Sale
Native plant sale hosted by and benefiting the Audubon Society of Portland. Open to the public. April

Backyard Habitat Program Native Plant Sale
Bi-annual sales offering steep discounts on native plants. Available only to Backyard Habitat participants. Spring/Fall

EMSWCD Native Plant Sale
Native plant sale hosted by East Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District. Open to the public. January/February

Marisha's Permaculture Plant Nursery
Vegetable starts, medicinal and culinary herbs, berries, edible flowers, and more grown in SE Portland using organic practices following permaculture principles. Spring/Summer/Fall

Year-round garden centers

North Portland
Fang & Feather (N Lombard Ave)
Livingscape* (N Vancouver Ave)

NE Portland
Garden Fever (NE 24th Ave)
Marbott's Greenhouse & Nursery (NE Columbia Blvd)

SE Portland
Naomi's Organic Farm Supply (SE Powell Blvd)
Portland Nursery* (SE Stark St & SE Division St)
Xera Plants (SE Clay St)

Bosky Dell Natives (SW Bosky Dell Ln, West Linn)
Dennis' 7Dees* (SW Bunter Rd, Portland)
Linnton Feed & Seed (NW St. Helens Rd, Portland)

*Nurseries that also offer workshops/classes.

Six seed packets.
Small, round, bright green leaves from a snowberry plant.
Bright red flowers from a hollyhock plant.
Small white flowers above green leaves and brown stems.

Shasta daisy flower with white petals and a yellow center.


Thank you to Karla Beatty for her radish illustration used in the Radish Gardens logo.

Thank you to Golden Branch Photography for contributing to
the wonderful garden snapshots on this website.



"When the world wearies and society fails to satisfy,
there is always the garden."

-- M. Aumonier --