A terra cotta plate filled with small rocks and water held above lush green plants.
Tan bird’s eggs with dark brown spots laying in a nest.
A shiny green mahonia plant with lighter green oxalis ground cover behind it.

Backyard habitat consultation

Are you enrolled in the Backyard Habitat Program? A consultation is the perfect next step for transforming your landscape into a wildlife haven!

Prior to the consultation I will review your official BHP site report. During the visit we’ll discuss your backyard habitat goals and I’ll help you create a plan for reaching those goals.

Price: $100 - Schedule a backyard habitat consultation!


Backyard habitat mini design

If a consultation alone just won’t cut it, a mini design is the way to go. You’ll receive a planting plan for up to three distinct areas on site and an implementation guide to help you get started.

Price: Starting at $450

— Site visit
— Planting plan for up to three habitat areas/beds on site
— Detailed plant list, including specific habitat benefits
— Implementation guide
— Resource packet
— 10% off a maintenance coaching session

Questions? Email or schedule a free 15-minute phone call.
Ready to get started? Schedule a backyard habitat consultation!



"Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you."

-- F. L. Wright --